Multi-dose Strip Pack

  • 7, 14, 28 Day Cycle
  • Color Coding Available
  • Bar-coding Technology



30-day Punch Card

  • Traditional Style
  • Easy to Count
  • Easy Access




  • Easy-open
  • Independent Lifestyle
  • Convenient

Meet with us one-on-one to discuss the packaging option that best fits your needs, your resident’s needs, and your regulatory responsibilities.

At Guardian Pharmacy of Indiana, our goal is to provide the most advanced and convenient ways of administering and delivering medications to patients in our customers’ facilities. We offer an array of packaging options to meet your specific medication needs. Packaging options include multi-dose strip packaging, punch cards, and traditional vials. Our Multi-Dose packaging can be provided in both monthly fill and short fill options.

We will work with you to find the dispensing system that works best for you and your clients; giving you a new level of convenience, flexibility and accuracy in medication dispensing and administration.